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Thanks for stopping by and checking out our website. This contains two major parts; one is our travel blog and other is a media outlet. When we talking about the blog, this is the place where we can share our experience, tell our story and give instant reasons why you should book a flight to our little island.

In media outlet, it contains trending news, trending topics, popular things going viral and other articles which everyone could be interested in. we wish to keep this both parts up parallelly and fill your day with the newest and other enthralling things.

Traval Blog

Traval Blog

Who are we? I’m Lochana De Mel, a 24-year-old girl the voice behind this travel blog and I’m travelling with boyfriend, Mr Handsome who gave me this great idea of blogging. When talking about him, his name is Zenith Dalpadado. He is the same age as me. We both from Sri Lanka, a South...

Our Media Outlet

Our media outlet What’s this media outlet about? Why did we call it this way? Media outlet means something that provides news and stories to the public through various distributors. These include print media broadcast news and more recently the internet like online newspapers, news blogs, etc. Our...