Riverdale (crime, mystery, teen) 

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Riverdale is an American teen drama series based upon Archie Comics characters. The first season was debuted in 2017 and season 4 has started in Oct 2019. The story revolves around the four main teenagers; Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge, and Jughead Jones, the storyteller of the series. Riverdale is a small town in Georgia, United States, and the whole series has centred in this city. It is filled with mystery, curiosity, teen romance, sex, and weird adventures. Best teen tv series on Netflix! You won’t regret.

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I’m not okay with this (comedy, mystery)

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I Am Not Ok with This is a growing ripe American sitcom-drama online television show focused on Charles Forsman’s comic book by the same name. Sydney is a seventeen-year-old young antisocial girl who identifies that she has superpowers. But she’s not telling her secret even to her best friend Dina, but it happened to reveal to another guy, Stanley Barber. They eventually became friends and the story turns another page. I hope you find what it is!

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Only season one has released in this year included 7 episodes.  I’ll be sure you’ll craving for the next season after watching season one.

Never I have ever (comedy, teen)

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Never I have ever is also an American growing ripe sitcom drama television show based on a real story of Mindy Kaling’s childhood. the story centres around a fifteen-year-old Indian-American high school student, Devi Vishwakumar who lives in California with her mother and cousin sister after her dad has passed away during her orchestra concert. It became a trauma to her and a week later her legs were paralyzed for 3 months. Then the miracle has happened. She’s started to walk again. after a horrible freshmen year, she tries to change her life better, of course, it doesn’t make it easy for her. She has to deal with family matters, friendship misunderstanding, her love feelings, and her traumatic incident.

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Even if she has a kind of temper sometimes, she has great two best friends with her like shadows. This series will bring you a new fresh experience with the funniest incidents as well as Indian cultural events.

Sex education (sex comedy, teen)

Here is another best series you’ll ever gonna find on Netflix. Sex Education! This is a British comedy-drama web TV series produced by Laurie Nunn. Otis Milburn is a teenage high school kid, somewhat socially awkward, and has indecisive thoughts about sex. His mother, Dr Jean Milburn is a sex therapist and she’s divorced with Otis’s dad.

And his best friend is Eric, who is a kind-hearted, funny guy and also is gay. Otis runs a sex therapy and advice clinic with one of his classmates Maeve.

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Maeve sets up appointments to Otis with students in their high school and he helps them with advice regarding sex even though he has no experience with it, he has a good sense of relationships and feelings. Otis is trying to figure out his sex problems in the first series, and he’s finally able to build a relationship with a girl named Ola in the second series.

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