Gampaha Botanical Garden

Gampaha Botanical Garden

My story…

During I was doing my A levels in 2014/15, in the second term holiday I stayed at my uncle’s at Ganemulla in Gampaha district. So, I continued A level extra classes in Gampaha just for a month, I met my schoolmates also there who attend the same lectures. I asked her whether there are any places to visit in Gampaha to relax my mind. That’s when she told me about Gampaha Botanical Garden. So, I decided to visit the garden after the lecture was over. it was only about 500m away from the railway station so I walked on foot. as far as I can remember it only cost 60 rupees for the entrance ticket. I couldn’t spend more time there because my uncle was waiting for me so I had to get back home. That was my first time at the Gampaha Botanical Garden.

Gampaha Botanical Garden

It took two years to visit there again. In 2017, one day I planned my second visit to Gampaha. I went to Colombo Fort Railway Station to get the train. You can catch the train to Gampaha (Colombo Fort-Rambukkana Train) about every 15-20 minutes. It takes about 30 minutes by express train and 40-50 minutes by intercity.


The Gampaha Botanical Garden also known as Henarathgoda Botanical Garden is situated approximately 450 m (1480 ft) away from the Gampaha railway station on Gampaha-Minuwangoda main road. It is one of the six botanical gardens in Sri Lanka. And it is the only botanical garden in the western province, near to the commercial city Colombo, outside the hill country in Sri Lanka. It's not large as Peradeniya Botanical Garden, but a perfect place to relax and enjoy the calm nature alone, with your family, friends or loved ones.

History of Gampaha Botanical Gardens

British naturalists published numerous experiments on botany along with other sciences throughout the 19th century. One of their concerns was to consider prospects for the establishment of rubber-producing plants in Asia, in India as well as Ceylon they cultivated numerous rubbers bearing crops. In 1876, rubber seedlings were imported from the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew gathered from the Amazon forest, and established in the Gampaha Gardens. Because of the failure of Rubber experiments in India, the British naturalists largely focused their experiments on Ceylon and revealed that Ceylon affords the same environmental situation as the Amazon. The first rubber tree imported into Sri Lanka was first planted in this garden, and it became the first Brazilian rubber tree seedlings ever planted in Asia since the seeds were smuggled out of Brazil. After the successful experiment, Sri Lanka produces a very good quality rubber ever since. Most of these 19th-century trees remain in the Garden. It now acts as a tropical lowland Botanic Garden. For more details click

Inside the Gampaha Botanical Garden…

Henarathgoda Botanical Garden covers an area of ​​37 acres and it has heavy biodiversity and a great wide range of trees along with bamboo, palm trees, ferns orchids, and medicinal plants. It also includes a Japanese garden, a rose garden, and palms garden.

Gampaha Botanical Garden

The Gampaha Botanical Garden is home to many bird species, reptiles, and butterflies including endemic species. The garden is bordered by the Attanagalu Oya in the south. The Botanical Garden has been quite accommodating since the outset. The details provided a good understanding (including the first rubber tree) of the garden's historical significance. All the trees were specifically named. So, it’s easy to be identified. The children's’ park in the Gampaha Botanical Garden is a wonderful place to enjoy the time with your kids. And there’s a ground in the middle of the garden. Youths play cricket in the ground and it’s a common scenery in the garden. The garden also includes a treehouse, and a canteen and restrooms, as well as small huts, to have rest. The Gampaha Botanic Gardens is a wonderful day out for all. The garden consists of boat rides in the Attanagalu Oya besides the garden and a bridge over the river which provides a panoramic view of the river. If you are in Colombo, don’t forget to visit Gampaha Botanical garden, you can have a long walk, enjoy nature, rest and have a boat ride. And it will be a cool experience for sure.
Gampaha Botanical Garden

Gampaha Botanical Garden

Guides & Tips

  • The garden is open from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm for the whole year.
  • You should bring food and beverages if you wish to spend quite a bit of time because there’s only one cafe in the garden and there are not enough selections.
  • You can park your vehicles at the car park and if you want you can park it in the middle of the garden for a small fee.
  • Best time to enjoy the calm nature in the park – around 8-10 am
  • Best time to play and have fun with your family and friends- 3-5 pm
  • Boat rides require about 180 rupees.
  • Don’t leave garbage in the park and be sure to keep them in dustbins.

Entrance Fee for Overseas Tourist

  • Adult & child (elder than 12) - Rs.1500
  • Child (younger than 12) - Rs.750
  • School & University Student (Must have proof) - Rs.1000

Entrance Fee for Locals

  • Adults -Rs.60
  • Child-Rs.30
I would like to visit Henarathgoda Botanical Garden soon one more time. This time I will take my boyfriend who hasn’t visited the garden yet. These photographs were taken during my second visit. I hope you will see this beauty of the Gampaha Botanical Garden with your own eyes.
Gampaha Botanical Garden

Gampaha Botanical Garden 'Bamboo Trees'

Gampaha Botanical Garden

Beddagana Wetland Park

Beddagana Wetland Park

First visit to Beddagana Wetland...

When I recall my memory, I could remind my first ever visit the Beddagana Wetland Park in 2017, and thanks to the photographs I could tell you the exact date, 3rd of October 2017. I didn’t have a relationship back those days, as I was on my self-rebuilding period so I travelled solo to the park. I only had my mobile phone with me to capture the beauty around me and my backpack filled with my laptop, a water bottle, and my lunch. Its been a year since it has opened in 2016 so rules and regulations were not strict as these days so they permitted me to bring my belongings with me into the wetland area.
Beddagana Wetland

Beddagana Wetland Park

How to reach…

I first heard of this place through my cousin brother, he told me that there’s a great place filled with green in Ethul Kotte amidst the administrative capital Sri Jayewardenepura Kotte.  As soon as I heard of it, I wanted to visit there so the next day I took the bus to reach Colombo Fort, then I took bus number 138 to Nugegoda town. I got off the bus at the Nugegoda flyover and took bus number 163 to reach the Beddagana area, Ethul Kotte.

Route 1

If you travel by public transport, after arriving at Nugegoda town, turn onto the road on the left which named Stanley Tilakaratne Mawatha(B120). After walking for a while, take bus number 163 at the bus stop and buy a ticket to Beddagana Wetland park. It will cost a small amount such as 18-20 rupees to arrive at the destination.


You have to get off at Kotte Road and travel down the Baddagana Rd. Soon you reach the Beddagana Bo tree. Turn onto the lane after the lane with Bo Tree which leads to the wetland park. You will need to do a lot of walking until arrive at the main entrance. While walking along you will pass the car park and restroom area. You can reach the entrance by walking along the lane or taking the shortcut along the migratory birds' trail from the car park. This will take you to the left of the public land next to the car park, and through a raised wooden platform before you reach from the rear. This shortcut even lets you see some flora and fauna.

Route 2

If you wish to come through Borella, you can take bus number 190 from Pettah and get off at the Baththaramulla Bridge (B240 road). And then you can find a small lane named Sri Lanka Nippon Ave connected from the right side to the Sri Jayawardenepura Mawatha, opposite to the Diyawanna lake. Walk along the road until you reach the entrance. But if you travel with own vehicle you have to park it at the car park which is some way away from the main entrance.

Entering the park…

The entrance to the park would include a charge for tickets. See the details below.
  • Local - Child (under 16yrs) LKR 50
  • Local - Adult LKR 100
  • Foreigners - Child (under 16yrs) LKR 500
  • Foreigners - Adult LKR 1,000
You'll be allowed to enter after you buy tickets.  You can not bring the plastic bottles and snacks with plastic wrappers into the area nowadays so you will have to leave them at the ticket counter. And please be careful not to leave any plastic bags and wrappers in the area if you could bring those into the park. The wetland is opened all 365 days of the year, from 6:30 am to 5:30 pm.
Beddagana Wetland park Sri Lanka

Beddagana Wetland park Sri Lanka


Beddagana Wetland Park – Location, Facts and figures

Now I would hope to tell you about the wetland park. This place is best known for bird watching and to immerse ourselves in the embrace of the mother nature. In 1985, the Department of Wildlife Conservation declared the Beddagana urban wetland as a Wildlife Sanctuary. It is home to a range of endemic birds, reptiles, butterflies, dragonflies, mammals, and other faunal species. Beddagana Wetland Park is located in the Ethul Kotte region of Beddagana, near to the Rampart Road rear end. The park covers 18 hectares of wetland surrounding the Diyawanna Oya lake. It was opened in 2016. Wetland controls itself the flooding that occurs from any overflows from the Diyawanna lake. Both local and foreign visitors come to this place where they could enjoy nature and have some healthy recreation. It is also a popular stopover for various migratory birds during the season from April to August. The park has two trails. One trail borders the Diyawanna Oya Lake and the other one is a forest trail that goes through a wetland forest.

Lakeside trail – Trail 1

This path consists of a boardwalk through the foliage, runs alongside the lake and finishes at a floating platform offering a stunning sight of the lake. Along the way, you will also come across a little open hut with seating where you can get rest and enjoy the scenery. The path goes thru two main zones, the Duck Pond and the Butterfly Walk.

Butterfly Walk

Butterfly Walk is a zone that has a wide number of flowering plants that are precious to butterflies. Here are several uncommon butterfly breeds that are seen in Sri Lanka. Butterfly lovers may consider this place a sanctuary for themselves. It'll take a cautious, keen eye to see them in their beauty.

Duck Pond

The boardwalk will carry you through the marshland, and across vineyards and mangrove tunnels. They are themselves creating a wonderful encounter. You will come across a big pond with loads of water birds after some time. Here's the Duck Pond. Although it is visited by many ducks, there are several other animals to be found here too. While you're walking along the pond area, you'll notice a wooden observation tower. You will see the birds in the pond and its surroundings after climbing up the stairs without disrupting them. This is a perfect spot to go bird watching in the morning and the evening.

Migratory Birds’ Trail – Trail 2

Many waders, aquatic birds, and other types of birds can be found here. As some birds nest on the field, people are not permitted to walk off the road, and their nests can be disrupted by human activity. People can see artificial nests in this trail where migratory birds create their temporary nests and even lay eggs.

Guides & Tips: before visiting Beddagana Wetland

I recommend you to visit the in the morning as soon as it opens which would be 6:30-7:00 am and perhaps in the evening because it gives you the wonderful opportunity to capture the most stunning scenic views of endemic species in their natural habitat. Especially don’t forget to bring your cameras... Food and Drinks with plastic bottles are allowed to bring inside nowadays unlike before so you can have them at "Park school". Don't leave your belongings inside the wetland. Keep it clean. If you travel by own vehicle you can park them at the car park.

Back to the story...

I spent a maximum of 4 hours at the wetland park and had my lunch alone by sitting on the wooden platform. Because I got no company, I walk around several times. The only person who came alone that day was me… even the security guard asked me about that while I was buying my ticket at the entrance. I just smiled at him… Another year has passed... One day Zenith asked me for a date and I said yes. But anyway I was the one who planned it. I brought him to the Beddagana Wetland park and it was his first time there, and also the first time we spend the most time together. I vividly remember the moment I realized that I had fallen in love with him that day. So every time I talk about Beddagana Wetland park it brings my precious memories back... For more details Articles click