There's no doubt, whoever is reading this definitely a huge fan of Tin Tin for sure. We all could recall this young guy's face along with copper-colored hair. I'm so sure all of you guys know him, but I'd like to introduce him once again.  

So, who is Tin Tin?

Tin Tin is a young journalist, adventurer, and a traveler who becomes involved in dangerous cases in which he takes heroic action to save the day. If he sees something suspicious, he has a habit of chasing it until the matter seems solved. Even he's not a muscular guy he doesn't fear anything - and always jump into the daredevil situations.  Sometimes we cannot even say what exactly happens - whether that adventurous situations chase Tin Tin or Tin Tin chases those situations.  And his instincts seem to find everything around him suspicious, I think his job leads him to them. The Adventures may make Tintin hard at work in his investigative journalism and always give the best, interesting news to report. 

Tin Tin's Companions

Snowy, a white Wire Fox Terrier puppy, is Tintin's loyal companion who always stays beside Tin Tin. Tintin's best friend - Captain Archibald Haddock (Capitaine Haddock) is a Merchant Marine sea captain and he was introduced in The Crab with the Golden Claws. Haddock represents in the first instance as a weak and alcoholic character who always lose consciousness but later became genuinely heroic and even a socialite. Even though he has a hot temper some times he surely is a good friend to Tin Tin. There are also some other characters around him in the series. Professor Calculus - a partially deaf physicist, Thomson, and Thompson - two incompetent detectives who look like identical twins, only discernible difference being the shape of their mustaches. These are the characters that can be seen alongside Tin Tin in his adventures.   

who created Tin Tin?

Georges Remi was a Belgian cartoonist known by the pen name Herge created the character Tin Tin. The Adventures of Tin Tin became one of the most popular European comics of the 20th century. It had been released in more than 70 languages and sold out more than 200 million copies, and has also become the source for TV series and film. Now I'm back to our topic again, what if this young journalist comes to Sri Lanka? Where would he go? what would he do? What kind of adventure will he face in that little island? Let's imagine... Tin Tin will come to Sri Lanka for a vacation with haddock and snowy, and since the adventures always chase him he could have found something that seems mysterious in there. I've found some interesting illustrations on Instagram and Facebook, let's take a look at them first.

The Adventures of Tin Tin - Destination Sri Lanka

Seems like Tin Tin is kind of in a hurry and he's chasing someone or a vehicle with captain Haddock and Snowy by a scooter. Yes, I also agree with that idea because a scooter is the easiest way to travel in Sri Lanka, also scooters can be found anywhere anytime in a Srilankan road. We could see there's a temple in the background and also a monk. This is really a new picture we could see, I don't think anyone had seen before Tin Tin in a Buddist country. The monk is also looking at them with a surprising mood, it may be they are foreigners or cuz of the speed they are driving or it can be both. What could be they are chasing really? Could it be a robber with some valuable stuff? or ancient antiques? or jewelry like gems? It surely can happen as Sri Lanka is popular for these treasures with thousands of years with a great history. Old kings who ruled Sri Lanka hide their treasure, jewelry, and other valuable things when they face enemy attacks from other countries. Such as King Walagamba hide his treasure in caves and those stories are mentioned in old legends. We still hear that news about treasure thieves who got some of those treasures hidden by ancient rulers. Surprisingly still there are treasures around Sri Lanka, even in this time I'm writing this someone may looking up to steal that treasure. Sounds interesting hah! I heard the news on TV like 3 or 4 days ago, some thieves were caught when trying to digging up the treasure in Ratnapura. Old kings also buried relics in Chaitya, in historical shrines and temples. No matter how wrong, we also heard about the thieves who dug up those places to get the treasure. Let's take a look at the next illustration.

"le mystère du lac de bére" - The mystery of Bere lake


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This picture contains a view part of Colombo, lotus tower which was opened to the public recently, and Colombo world trade center also the bere lake. Bere(Beira) Lake is a lake in the center of the city of Colombo in Sri Lanka which is surrounded by many large businesses in the city. The artist named this as "le mystère du lac de bére" - The mystery of Bere lake. What could be the mystery of Bere lake? What if treasure thieves come to Colombo and hide all treasure under the water in bere lake before Tin Tin and captain haddock catch them. The thieves may be chased by the Tin Tin and captain since outside the city. They must have come to the city to sell the treasure and also could be cover-up from them because the young journalist and haddock might lose them in the large crowd in the city. It may be a good idea, but you guys surely know our main lead has a good instinct and that he's very persistent. Once he enters a path he will definitely go through all obstacles till the end. The treasure thieves might hide all treasure which they stole - stored securely in waterproof bags or something underwater in Bere lake. Tin Tin may get a clue about the place they hide it, or he may have noticed one of those thieves surfing around the area. Sometimes they must be waiting to get those in the night and escape or wait until Tin Tin quit the scene. A question arose in my mind. Where did those thieves steal the treasure from? Here is the answer.

"Tin Tin essaie de trouver ravana"  - Tin TIn tries to find Ravana.

tin tin

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"Tin Tin essay de trouver Ravana" which means Tin TIn tries to find Ravana. This illustration gives the view of Sigiriya Rock Fortress. Tin Tin, Captain Haddock, and Professor Calculus also the snowy are running away from the rock. And a swarm of bees is chasing them.

Sigiriya Rock Fortress 

I have been to Sigiriya, which is located in the northern Matale District near the town of Dambulla in the Central Province, Sri Lanka, and one of the best places to visit on the island. When you climb up to the highest point you would be able to see the most beautiful greenish view around. You can see the beehives tied to the rock. They don't harm you unless you bother them. Sigiriya the highest place around there apart from Pidurangala Rock. It's about one kilometer between the rocks. If you visit this little island don't forget to visit both places. So, It seems like someone has hit the beehives with a stone purposely in order to avoid Tin Tin. Could it be the thieves? What could they have stolen from that ancient fortress? The title tells that Tin Tin tries to find Ravana.

Who is Ravana?

I'll introduce you briefly. King Ravana is an arrogant unbelievably powerful and one of the most famous monarchs in Sri Lanka. He notoriously abducted Sita, the queen of Lord Rama of India. He was defeated in the war against Lord Rama 's forces, but his legend is still alive. He's the villain of the eminent Indian epic Ramayanaya. Some admit he was evil, while others say he was a hero. He was known to be a brilliant innovator and a brilliant physician too. His name is also intimately connected to the legendary Sigiriya Rock Fortress. Many claims that the Alakamanda of King Ravana is emblematically depicted by Sigiriya. It is assumed that Sigiriya utilized to be one of the great king’s palaces. Let's come back to our story again. Where we were? Ah okay. Here we go. Earlier we were talking about the thieves who hit the beehives. If they found something on the rock it could be something valuable that belongs to King Ravana. What if the king hid his treasure which represents him, somewhere on the rock or somewhere on the way to the top of the rock. There are plenty of stairs to climb the rock. So, it could be hidden anywhere. Let's imagine this way. Those men planned this over a couple of months and came to Sigiriya in time periods when tourists count is low. That's why we couldn't see any other people in the illustration. Luckily Tin Tin, Captain Haddock, Professor Calculus, and Snowy also visit Sigiriya that day. Our young journalist may have noticed their suspicious behavior and followed them. They suddenly got that and hit the beehives with a stone and escaped because they know the way better than those tourists. Because of the bees, Tin Tin may have missed them, but as soon as they got out from the rock, they rent a scooter and followed those thieves. Only Tin Tin and Haddock came by scooter and Professor Calculus may get the bus to Colombo. Treasure thieves suspected that Tin Tin may follow them so they hurried to Colombo. And packed all treasure securely and put into the Bere lake. After arriving Colombo Tin Tin saw one of those thieves and he found the place they hid the treasure. What will he do afterward? What do you think?  Will he be able to find those treasure and catch those thieves? Will he be able to write a new article for the newspaper?  Give your opinions.

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