Young Bollywood actor Sushant Singh's Death news

Sushant Singh Rajput was a 34-year old Indian actor with a powerful presence on the big screen, was found dead at his residence in Mumbai, died of asphyxia due to hanging. The police revealed the actor was battling depression. They were found meditation meant to treat depression. However, no suicide note was found at the scene. It is no longer a secret, everyone knows about this news for sure, but I like to take a moment to talk about the reason for his act. Why did he make that decision?ย  When talking about Sushant what did he lack in his luxurious life? He was considered as one of the most promising actors in Bollywood and even Prime Minister Narendra Modi had considered him as a โ€˜bright young actorโ€™ in his commiserations.  

The Net Worth of Sushant Singh

His net worth about INR 59 crores also known to charge INR 5-7 crores per film. He owned various luxury vehicles such as Land Rover Range Rover SUV, BMW K 1300 R motorcycle, and Maserati Quattroporte according to reports. This is not everything. He also owned a piece of land on the moon. As a person who seems to be interesting in space stuffs he often post space- astronomy related posts on Instagram bought the property located on the far side of the moon in a zone called the Mare Muscoviense(sea of Muscovy) from the International Lunar Lands Registry.  
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  Sushant's luxury apartment in Mumbai, and his pet dog Fudge, popularity and money didn't seem to keep him happier. We can see many actors and idols take their own lives nowadays. But they have everything in their lives, everything that we dream of owning one day. They got everything except one thing. Emotional freedom, and happiness.  

People talk about his death in social media

I heard society blame those people who take their own lives in social media. The social media platforms are still filling with insensitive comments over why the actor 'committed suicide' when seemingly had everything in his life going right for him.ย  " People who commit suicide are idiots, especially those rich people. They have everything. What more could they ask for?"ย  But I hope the suicides of these people just make you realize that no amount of money, success, or fame can bring you peace of mind. This is not the first incident that hit me. In 2027, one of the best vocals in south Korea, Kim Jonghyun also was battling from depression took his own life, 18th Dec a great star in the KPOP industry was extinguished. That day I cried my eyes out since I am his die-hard fan. Until then I haven't known how serious and real things depression can become. Every person could be suffering from depression without knowing it. Because it doesn't show out. What people never understand is that depression isn't about the outside; it's about the inside. We can't tell just looking at someone what they are dealing with inside, because those people look happiest and they have the brightest smiles.  

What is depression?

It is a condition that causes people to suffer and to die at last unless it is treated. Depression doesn't always appear with serious problems. It can appear with a tiny useless simple thing. How many of you make fun of your own friends ironically? About their appearance, family issues, poverty, and other matters that related. How many of bully your friends, classmates? How many of you make others' lives difficult without thinking how low it could be. These situations may bring depressions to those people. " You've gained fat, you became ugly, you have a darkened skin, you're not looking like before, you look older than your age, don't you have a job? you're not as successful as the people in the same age as yours, You're aging, why don't you get married? It's been quite a while since you got married, when are you going to have babies? are you barren? How much do you earn, Why do you still live in a rented house? Why don't you buy a house? These useless questions bring the hell out of the ground to the surface, especially for Asians. This could be enough to make people overthinking and depress them. It brings sleep deprivation. When a friend becomes alone when a friend who was with you together suddenly changes, what do you think? You think that they no longer wanna be friends with you or they don't need you in their lives anymore because he may have succeeded, or they found new friends. Why don't you think about its opposite side? He could be gone in the wrong direction. He may have no one to talk to. sometimes it could be your fault. Your actions, your words could have put him there. Why don't you think broadly? You're looking for the cause of Sushant Rajput's death, just think how many people did you give a reason to die to? You don't need weapons to kill people, one word could enough to become poison for them. What can you do for those people? Give them e reason to live instead of a reason to die, just listen to them - their story they want to talk about instead of advising them, judging them. Before making the justification of your actions, before trying to make them bad man just try to understand from their perspective, otherwise, you would be guilty after hearing your friends' death news.  

Depression symptoms

Symptoms of depression can vary from mild to severe.
  • Feelings of helplessness frustration and misery sad or having a depressing moodย 
  • Loss of interest in passion once enjoyed
  • Changes in appetite and weight changes
  • Insomnia or oversleeping
  • Anger issues
  • Feeling fatigued and loss of energy
  • Self-blaming
  • Reckless actions
  • Concentration issues
  • Physical pains and aches
  • Thoughts of death or suicide
We can't guess what cause Sushant Rajput's death exactly the only thing we know is that reason led him to his final steps and he is no longer with us. We cannot see his smile alive again. Even though he had lots of colleges and friends in the industry, at least his family couldn't save him. I mentioned above that he had not left any suicide note. Leaving suicide note behind is a common thing. People say their final goodbye to their loved ones through suicide notes. But Sushant didn't leave anything related like that, which wonders me how helpless could he have been so long. The only thing we must do from now on is paying attention to our loved ones more and help them, listen to them without judging, loving them, and stay with them whatever happens.

Sushant Singh's Pet Fudge

    Just looking at his pet's actions may bring your tears down for sure. That poor thing looks totally depressed and broken. There are some videos and images of his black labrador - Fudge's reaction after his owner died has been going viral. Fudge is seen laying on its bed and whenever it hears someone running towards the door hoping it will be him and returns disappointed. It is something heartbroken to see.  

Social media was flooded with condolences for Sushant Singh

The ill-timed death of the actor has become a shock among celebrities in Bollywood town, colleagues, friends, and fans alike. Lots of actors and politicians from across the nation have shown their thoughts online to share their grief and sorrow with the unfortunate bereavement of the young actor. From industry colleagues to friends and fans who started posting pictures with the late actor, everyone recalled their memories and association.      

Sushant Singh & Mahendra Singh Dhoni

"Mahendra Singh Dhoni went to isolation mood after hearing the news of Sushant's death, even he is not talking to his family members", his manager said. "We can't even believe what has happened. I am not in a position to express my grief. Mahi is also very shocked. What a tragic incident."
Sushant SinghMS Dhoni and Sushant Singh Rajput at the Premiere of 'MS Dhoni: The Untold Story' in Mumbai.
(Photo by Milind Shelte/The India Today Group via Getty Images
Dhoni and Sushant became really close as he starred as M.S.Djoni in the movie named The untold Story which based on the life of former Test, ODI and T20I captain of the Indian national cricket team, Mahendra Singh Dhoni.
I would like to tell you one last thing.ย If suicide ever crosses your mind, just know I would rather listen to your story than attend your funeral. Depression is not a joke. It's not something to fascinate about. It's a disease that affects human mental health directly. You may see that person is smiling and laughing and he could be dying inside. This disease is worse than all because people don't consider it a disease until the depressed person kills himself.

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